Agricultural Issues Academy

Representatives from Nebraska agriculture groups are excited to again announce a tremendous opportunity for Nebraska's FFA members. The 2018 FFA State Convention will host the 7th annual Agricultural Issues Academy during the day of Friday, April 6th, 8:30am to 2:00pm. This leadership development opportunity will provide participants with the skills they need to become spokespeople for agriculture.

Selection of participants will be handled through an application process. Interested students will need to complete the application (link below), as well as include a resume (pdf attachment in application), head and shoulder photo (picture upload in application), resume (pdf attachment in application), media release (release located below, to be complete and uploaded as a pdf in the application) and have his or her advisor complete the advisor recommendation form (link below). Applications are due by January 15, 2018. Applications submitted after January 15, 2018 will not be considered.

Participants will be informed of selection by mid-February. A webinar will be scheduled in late February to early March to provide necessary background information to participants and outline expectations and responsibilities prior to the Ag Issues Academy. Prior to attending the Agricultural Issues Academy participants will be provided with materials to review and be required to start building an understanding of a particular agriculture issue that is currently impacting the industry.

At the event members will participate in exercises where they will learn how to be an advocate for agriculture, and develop a deeper understanding for issues important to agriculture. Representatives from the media will share experience of effective ways of telling the next generation of agriculture's story. Participants will be expected to participate in the legislative breakfast on Thursday morning of convention.

Agricultural Issues Academy Application

Advisor Recommendation Form

AIA Files

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