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Chapters in Good Standing

Have you completed your Chapter in Good Standing Checklist? Let State Staff know by completing this form.

Read this Information First

Chapter in Good Standing items are due October 14. This is a deadline extension for this year due to the COVID-19 crisis and transition in state staff.

Dues payments need to be received by November 16.

Outstanding invoices from the 19-20 school year are also included in the Chapter in Good Standing items due November 16. Late fees for last year’s invoices will be waived due to the pandemic and transition in state staff.

Scroll down to the “Chapter in Good Standing Module” for a tutorial on completing the items. Please note, you do not have to complete the module, it is simply a guide on the process. You can follow the items in the check list below if you don’t need the tutorial, however the module is a great reminder on the process with valuable information. We encourage advisors to check it out!!

Want to learn more about Affiliation? See the informational section below. This is optional!

Below is the Chapter in Good Standing chart. That will be updated weekly on Wednesdays.

Chapters may not participate in FFA events above the local level until they are in Good Standing. Please make sure to complete all Good Standing Items!

Chapter in Good Standing Check List

Items Due October 14

  • Course Reporting - Google Form
  • Membership Submitted to State from
  • POA and Budget in
  • Updated Constitution/Bylaws in
  •  Program Profile in
  • Teacher Profile in

Items Due November 16

  • Membership Dues Payment to Grafton
  • Any Outstanding Invoices from 2019-20 School Year

Affiliation Information

ONLY for chapters interested in Affiliation

The affiliation fee program allows students who are currently enrolled in secondary agricultural education programs or graduates, to be eligible for all the benefits and opportunities offered through FFA. Enrolled students (or graduates) in local agricultural education programs will be considered official FFA members using a scaled affiliation fee, versus a dues model, which only provides benefits to students who pay individual membership dues.

  1. Log in to your chapter page
  2. Click on the left-hand tab “Program/Chapter Data”
  3. Select tab in the top middle of the screen, “Dues/Fees”
  4. Look in the middle of the screen for a blue link, “Affiliation Request”
  5. This is an acknowledgement page saying that you read and understand the affiliation membership policy. (See that policy in the “Documents” tab below.
  6. Open the “Chapter Affiliation Agreement” document (found in “Documents” tab below), print and gather signatures. Return to the State Office by October 14.

For the first year of affiliation your roster of all students is due to the state on October 14. Your affiliation dues payment is NOT due on November 16 like the regular dues payments. Your dues payment will be in the spring (April date TBD). 

After the first year of affiliation, starting in the 2021-2022 school year and subsequent years, your affiliation dues payment will be due in November like a normal year. That payment is based on the previous year’s roster number.

Does your chapter have a 2019-2020 outstanding invoice?

ONLY for chapters with outstanding invoices. Check out the tab below for information about accessing the invoice.

If you have an outstanding dues payment, click on the green text in the table below “View Outstanding Invoices Here”, or access it here. In the first column for 2019 dues, see the amount your chapter owes. This may be if you added a member later in the year or submitted multiple membership batches. 

The amount and invoice for submitting payment is found in your account. Follow these steps to access your invoice: 

1. Log in to

2. Click on “Manage Roster”

3. Click on “Manage Batches” 

4. Set the Membership Year for 2019-2020 and click “Search”

5. See the information for the different membership batches you submitted for the 2019-20 memberships. See the section “Dues/Fees” to see each batch amount. Match that amount to the amount your chapter owes in the Outstanding Payment document (same document referenced above!).

6. Click the print icon (it looks like a little printer under the “Actions” column). That will download your invoice.

7. Print that invoice and mail it in with your dues. 

The chapter visit fee last year was $35. Download the invoice document found here, type your chapter in on the “Chapter Name” section, print and send in with your chapter visit fee. 

Chapter Visit Invoice Template

Caitlin will email you directly with that outstanding invoice. The email with that invoice will be coming very soon!