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FFA History

In 1928, 33 students from 18 states gathered in Kansas City, Missouri to form the Future Farmers of America. Nebraska was the 6th state to charter in 1928.

Organization History

Walter S. Newman, who in September 1925 became the Virginia State Supervisor of Agricultural Education, sought a solution to the problem with Edmund C. MaGill, Harry W. Sanders and Henry C. Groseclose, staff members of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute Agricultural Education Department.

Newman proposed forming an organization that offered farm boys “a greater opportunity for self-expression and for the development of leadership. In this way they will develop confidence in their own ability and pride in the fact that they are farm boys.” Groseclose immediately began work on a constitution and bylaws for the new organization, and J.O. Hoge later suggested a name: Future Farmers of Virginia.

The idea was presented during an annual vocational rally in the state in April 1926, where it was met positively. The Future Farmers of Virginia was born.

Two years later, the idea reached the national stage during the American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City, Mo. That’s when 33 young students from those 18 states gathered at the Hotel Baltimore to establish the Future Farmers of America. The group elected Leslie Applegate of Freehold, N.J., as its first president and adopted the national emblem – a mark similar to that of the original Virginia emblem – during the new organization’s first convention.

In 1929, national blue and corn gold became the official colors of FFA. A year later, delegates adopted the official FFA Creed and by 1933 the familiar Official Dress of blue corduroy jackets was adopted after convention delegates were enthralled by the jackets won to Kansas City by members of the Fredericktown, Ohio, FFA chapter.

Nebraska FFA State Officers Past Teams

2020's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

2021-2022 State Officer Team

Gracie Schneider, Vice President
Cozad FFA Chapter
Emma Kuss, Secretary
Seward FFA Chapter
Jaya Nelson, Vice President
Rock County FFA Chapter
Ellie Wanek, President
Aurora FFA Chapter
Bailey Robinson, State Vice President
York FFA Chapter
Victoria Ference, State Vice President
Ord FFA Chapter
Emily Martindale, State Vice President
Sandhills FFA Chapter


2020-2021 State Officer Team

Madison Stracke, State President
Stuart FFA Chapter
Jozie Schilke, State Vice President
Imperial FFA Chapter
Hannah Moseman, State Secretary
Oakland-Craig FFA Chapter
Jakob Anderjaska, State Vice President
Hayes Center FFA Chapter
Heath Keiser, State Vice President
Gothenburg FFA Chapter
Rebecca Wulf, State Vice President
Logan View FFA Chapter

2010's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

2019-2020 State Officer Team

Kooper Jelinek, State President
West Holt FFA Chapter
Savannah Gerlach, State Secretary
Tri County FFA Chapter
Sam Wilkins, State Vice President
Ainsworth FFA Chapter
Faith Santana, State Vice President
Auburn FFA Chapter
Weston Svoboda, State Vice President
Burwell FFA Chapter
Megan Fehr, State Vice President
Sutton FFA Chapter
Luke Krabel, State Vice President
Adams Central FFA Chapter


2018-2019 State Officer Team

Marie Meis, State Vice President
Elgin FFA Chapter
Jordan Popp, State Vice President
Broken Bow FFA Chapter
Halie Andreasen, State Vice President
Boone Central FFA Chapter
Amanda Most, State President
Ogallala FFA Chapter
Grady Johnson, State Secretary
Holdrege FFA Chapter
Brooke Bell, State Vice President
David City FFA Chapter


2017-2018 State Officer Team

Jake Judge, State President
West Holt FFA Chapter
Lydia Vinton, State Secretary
Mullen FFA Chapter
Kelli Mashino, State Vice President
West Boyd FFA Chapter
Hailey Coufal, State Vice President
Howells-Dodge FFA Chapter
Jessica Rudolph, State Vice President
Gothenburg FFA Chapter
Isabelle Stewart, State Vice President
Lakeview FFA Chapter
Brock Vetick, State Vice President
Lyons-Decatur Northeast FFA Chapter


2016-2017 State Officer Team

Kaitlyn Hanvey York, State President
Verdigre FFA Chapter
Manuel Acosta, State Vice President
Bayard FFA Chapter
Cheyenne Gerlach, State Vice President
Tri-County FFA Chapter
Nic Taylor, State Secretary
Logan View FFA Chapter
Christy Cooper, State Vice President
Waverly FFA Chapter
Collin Swedberg, State Vice President
Wallace FFA Chapter
Halle Ramsey, State Vice President
Ord FFA Chapter


2015-2016 State Officer Team

David Schuler, State Vice President
Bayard FFA Chapter
Nevada Smith, State Vice President
Ashland-Greenwood FFA Chapter
Renae Sieck, State Vice President
Crete FFA Chapter
Gage Hoegermeyer, State President
Logan View FFA Chapter
Trevor Spath, State Secretary
Waverly FFA Chapter
Katie Nolles, State Vice President
Rock County FFA Chapter
Jake Wilkins, State Vice President
Ainsworth FFA Chapter


2014-2015 State Officer Team

Amanda Lambrecht
2014-2015 State FFA Vice President
Blair FFA
Paige Dexter
2014-2015 State FFA President
Chambers FFA
Brandon Nichols
2014-2015 State FFA Vice President
Bridgeport FFA
Andrea Wach
2014-2015 State FFA Vice President
Hayes Center FFA
Colton Flower
2014-2015 State FFA Secretary
Scottsbluff FFA
Ben Rice
2014-2015 State FFA Vice President
Norris FFA
Blair Hartman
2014-2015 State FFA Vice President
Imperial FFA


2013-2014 State Officer Team

Ashtyn Shrewsbury, State Vice President
Bryce Doeschot, State Secretary
Andrew Neujahr, State Vice President
Trey Mogensen, State Vice President
Spencer Hartman, State President
Dylan Dam, State Vice President
Morgan Kowalewski, State Vice President


2012-2013 State Officer Team

Johnny Ference, Secretary, Ord FFA Chapter
Alix Mashino Ambriz, President, West Boyd FFA Chapter
Maci Lienemann Mueller, Vice President, Norris FFA Chapter
Amber Burenheide Klassen, Vice President, Howells-Clarkson FFA Chapter
Brooke Jindra Theilen, Vice President, Leigh FFA Chapter
Andrew Ambriz, Vice President, West Point FFA Chapter
Doug Larsen, Vice President, Stuart FFA Chapter


2011-2012 State Officer Team

Vance Heyer, Secretary, Ainsworth FFA Chapter
Bethany Blackburn, Vice President, Rock County FFA Chapter
McKehna Thiem, Vice President, Crete FFA Chapter
Brennan Costello, President, Gothenburg FFA Chapter
Shelby Peters Liesemeyer, Vice President, Red Cloud FFA Chapter
Emilia Woeppel Brozek, Vice President, Norris FFA Chapter
Cory Johnson, Vice President, Burwell FFA Chapter


2010-2011 State Officer Team

Back Row
John Bader, Vice President, Centennial FFA Chapter
Kerry Swanson, Vice President, Imperial FFA Chapter
Alec Ibach, Vice President, Sumner-Eddyville-Miller FFA Chapter

Front Row
Jordyn Lechtenberg, President, Ainsworth FFA Chapter
Dakota Olson, Vice President, Boone Central FFA Chapter
Debra Wray, Secretary, Ord FFA Chapter
Mollie Wilken, Vice President, Crofton FFA Chapter

2000's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

2000-2001 State Officer Team

President: Kyle Arganbright, Valentine
Secretary: Robyn Yule Cridlin, Bloomfield
Vice President: Tony Jensen, Elgin
Vice President: Heather Myers, Centura
Vice President: Melinda Sonderup, Fullerton
Vice President: Amanda Mortenson, Medicine Valley
Vice President: Kylie Brand Penke, Seward


2001-2002 State Officer Team

President: Lucas Haag, Republican Valley
Vice President: Jon Sellenrick, Tri County
Secretary: Andy Osten, Lakeview
Vice President: Jonie Garwood Ternes, Central City
Vice President: Amy Rasmussen Kelley, Mead
Vice President: Austin Schweitzer, Milford
Vice President: Vicki Wray Merdian, Ord


2002-2003 State Officer Team

President: Mark Bloss, Pawnee City
Secretary: Kori Kock-Jensen, Logan View
Vice President: Jared Hartman, Laurel-Concord
Vice President: Josh Oltmans, Lawrence-Nelson
Vice President: Chris Hansen, Medicine Valley
Vice President: Sarah Placke-Paisley, St. Paul
Vice President: Ryan Windhorst, Syracuse


2003-2004 State Officer Team

President: Jill Klepper Goedeken, Centennial
Secretary: Megan McElfresh, Sutton
Vice President: Miranda Koepke Stoll, Broken Bow
Vice President: Ryan Becker, Creighton
Vice President: Becky Small Crouse, Fullerton
Vice President: Beau Klug, Lakeview
Vice President: Adam Wollenburg, Tri County


2004-2005 State Officer Team

President: Anita Estes Wollenburg, Stuart
Secretary: Lauren Gemar Davis, Sutton
Vice President: Jon Lechtenberg, Butte
Vice President: Abbie Warren Rempel, Heartland
Vice President: Shelly Kubicek, Lakeview
Vice President: Philip Mueller, Logan View
Vice President: Pam Pohlmann Mueller, Tri County


2005-2006 State Officer Team

President: Tony Roubal, North Bend
Secretary: Kyle Perry, Kimball
Vice President: Rob Bundy, Ashland-Greenwood
Vice President: Jaci Benson, Central City
Vice President: Ryan Hassebrook, David City
Vice President: Laura Demmel, Grant
Vice President: Dillon Harchelroad, Imperial


2006-2007 State Officer Team

President: Houston Moseman, Logan View
Secretary: Reid Ely, Sutton
Vice President: Dustin Romshek, East Butler
Vice President: Chelsea Heidbrink, Centennial
Vice President: Ellen Leibbrandt, Imperial
Vice President: Kurt Heideman, Lyons-Decatur NE
Vice President: Bret Herndon, Gothenburg


2007-2008 State Officer Team

President: Sarah Novotny, Kimball
Secretary: Ben Beckman, Elgin
Vice President: Craig Davidson, Imperial
Vice President: Jill Lander, Pender
Vice President: Matt McElfresh, Sutton
Vice President: Jaci Swett-Palmer, Wheeler Central
Vice President: Leighton Wier, Ord


2008-2009 State Officer Team

President: McKenzie Steger, Creek Valley
Secretary: Lauren Perry, Kimball
Vice President: Blake Becker, Alliance
Vice President: Susie Fiala, Milford
Vice President: Jill Petersen, Loup County
Vice President: Ricky Sparks, Franklin


2009-2010 State Officer Team

President: Katie Frenzen, Fullerton
Secretary: Danielle Saathoff, Franklin
Vice President: Jordan Anderson, Burwell
Vice President: Lance Atwater, Blue Hill
Vice President: Amanda Doctor, Norris
Vice President: Sydney Paige, Northwest
Vice President: Tyler Spilinek, Elba

1990's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

1990-1991 State Officer Team

President: Lee Thurber, Norris
Central Area VP: Vanessa Jindra Cumming, Clarkson
NE Area VP: Jennifer Ann Pick, Hartington
North Central Area VP: Eric Ritz, Ord
Reporter: Scott Heinrich, Blue Hill
SE Area VP: Jeff Jacobs, Central
Secretary: David L. Acheson, Kimball
South Central Area VP: Daren Merryman, Geneva
Western Area VP: Chris Haun, Scottsbluff


1991-1992 State Officer Team

President: Christopher Kalkowski, Rock County
Central Area VP: Emily Drozd, Genoa
NE Area VP: D.A. Toalson, Lyons-Decatur NE
North Central Area VP: Tara Eurek Donovan, York(Loup City)
Reporter: Candice Berndt Davis, Gordon
Secretary: Jon Panning, Logan View
South Central Area VP: Brad Jensen, Holdrege
Western Area VP: Jarrod Nielson, Hyannis


1992-1993 State Officer Team

President: Dean Acheson, Kimball
Central Area VP: Kelly Chapman Neal, North Bend
NE Area VP: Lee Nelson, Logan View
North Central Area VP: Dawn Moody Feely, North Loup Scotia
Reporter: Kevin Anderson, West Point
SE Area VP: Lana Steinhausen Hoffschneider, Norris
Secretary: Scott Keetle, Waverly
South Central Area VP: Jon Simonsen, Superior
Western Area VP: Craig Erdman, Bayard


1993-1994 State Officer Team

President: Ryan Soukup, Northwest
Central Area VP: Sherry Frey, Albion
NE Area VP: Brian Uhler, Verdigre
North Central Area VP: Seth Derner, Wheeler Central
Reporter: Denice Heftie Scheolerman, Wisner-Pilger
SE Area VP: Jason Kubik, Prague
Secretary: Stacey Barger Agnew, Wauneta-Palisade
South Central Area VP: Janna Quaring, Ravenna
Western Area VP: Trent Zwickl, Grant


1994-1995 State Officer Team

President: Angela Watts Armagost, Nelson
Secretary: Tony Kaufman, Newman Grove
Vice President: Brenda Williams Nelson, Broken Bow
Vice President: Joe Skavdahl, Harrison
Vice President: Kim Stuart Eisenmann, Nebraska City
Vice President: Jared Walahoski, Ord
Vice President: Matt Schlueter, Scribner-Snyder


1995-1996 State Officer Team

President: Kevin Sagehorn, Logan View
Secretary: Jed Christensen, Lakeview
Vice President: Christy Davis Hodges, Chappell
Vice President: Heidi Hasselbalch, Genoa
Vice President: Laurie Jacobs Sagehorn, Central
Vice President: Jason Harb, Northwest
Vice President: Brent Kramer, Sutton


1996-1997 State Officer Team

President: Philip Erdman, Bayard
Secretary: Jessica Shelburn, Nelson
Vice President: Jacob Slagel, Sargent
Vice President: Ryan Buschkamp, Bloomfield
Vice President: Jennifer Jarecke Wood, Fullerton
Vice President: Tony Collins, Gothenburg
Vice President: Timothy Hodges, Nebraska City


1997-1998 State Officer Team

President: Matt Rasmussen, Mead
Secretary: Julia Soukup, Northwest
Vice President: Matt Rutt, Blue Hill
Vice President: Sara Rasmussen Scholz, Logan View
Vice President: Eric Schilling, Seward
Vice President: Julie Nuss Craig, Sutton
Vice President: Chris Arnold, Valentine


1998-1999 State Officer Team

President: Adam Pavelka, Blue Hill
Secretary: Lisa Schaneman, Scottbluff
Vice President: Sally Bush, Franklin
Vice President: Julie Brester Blood, Howells
Vice President: Monte Else, Mead
Vice President: Jodi Sue Evans, Medicine Valley
Vice President: Brady Fritz, Wilber-Clatonia


1999-2000 State Officer Team

President: Lance Kuenning, Imperial
Secretary: Katie Sissel Vech, Shickley
Vice President: Jill Kruger Brown, Logan View
Vice President: Paul Timm, Lyons-Decatur NE
Vice President: Craig Fix, Norris
Vice President: Annthie Kramer Hinton, Sutton
Vice President: Erin Fay Poessnecker Statz, West Holt

1980's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

1980-1981 State Officer Team

President: Greg Kreiser, Waverly
Central Area Chair: William Langrehr, Northwest
Central Area VP: Charles Olson, Genoa
NE Area Chair: Roland Osborne Atkinson, West Holt
NE Area VP: Neal Schlautman, Clarkson
SE Area Chair: Jerry Stephans, Omaha Burke
SE Area VP: Ron Geis, Seward
Secretary: Steve Grasz, Chappell
Western Area Chair: Waldo Smith, Alliance
Western Area VP: Jerry C. Meyerle, Holbrook


1981-1982 State Officer Team

President: Mark Doyle Omaha, Burke
Central Area Chair: Ron Arp, Sutton
Central Area VP: Ross Knott, Sargent
NE Area Chair: Deb Scholz Cornelius, Dodge(Howells)
NE Area VP: Randy Svehla, Clarkson
SE Area Chair: Monica Dolezal Bruning, Brainard
SE Area VP: Todd Knobel, Fairbury
Secretary: Patty Raymer, Stuart (West Holt)
Western Area Chair: State Peterson, Medicine Valley
Western Area VP: Mark Ford, Cody-Kilgore


1982-1983 State Officer Team

President: Jim Gotschall, Atkinson(West Holt Rural)
Central Area Chair: Ron Drozd, Genoa
Central Area VP: Rod Wetovick, Fullerton
NE Area Chair: Kent Taylor, Ainsworth
NE Area VP: Jana J. Beckman, Elgin
SE Area Chair: Kurt Bruning, Waverly
SE Area Chair: Vicky Zoubek Culver, Western
SE Area VP: Brad Mason, Omaha Burke
Secretary: Tim Troester, Aurora
Western Area Chair: Penny Stalnaker Dye, Chappell
Western Area VP: Carey Story, Kimball


1983-1984 State Officer Team

President: Mike Barrett, Mead
Central Area Chair: Rick Gestring, Red Cloud
Central Area VP: Jay Knapp, Ord
NE Area Chair: Linda Moody, Ainsworth
NE Area VP: Mary Raymer Reece, Stuart
SE Area Chair: Brian Bauer, Fairbury
SE Area VP: Dan Nun, Geneva
Secretary: Jan Maahs Motz, Lincoln(Waverly)
Western Area Chair: Lavon Krejci Beranek, Alliance
Western Area VP: Miguel Patrick, Grant


1984-1985 State Officer Team

President: Kevin Yost, Tri County
Central Area VP: Marc Peters, Hampton
Central Area VP: Patty Mlady Hanzlik, Verdigre
NC Area VP: Allan Loy, Ansley
NE Area VP: Tom Volk, Battle Creek
SC Area VP: Neal Lewis, Nelson
SE Area VP: James Nygren, Mead
Secretary: Dean Folkers, Lincoln NE
Western Area VP: Gregg Luther, Kilgore(Cody Kilgore)


1985-1986 State Officer Team

President: Bob Gestring, Red Cloud
Central Area VP: Lisa Ortegren Wagner, Marquette
NE Area VP: Dan Wolff, Norfolk
North Central Area VP: Matt Gotschall, Atkinson West Holt
Reporter: Wendy Kahlandt, Burwell
SE Area VP: John Bergmeyer, Tri County
Secretary: Dave Koepke, Blue Hill
South Central Area VP: Scott Schelkopf, Geneva
Western Area VP: Kelli Evans Brown, Medicine Valley


1986-1987 State Officer Team

President: David Dam, Logan View
Central Area VP: Bradley Moody, Ainsworth
Reporter: Tracy Mueller, Nelson
NE Area VP: Mark Hastreiter, Battle Creek
North Central VP: Rob Scheffler, Leigh
SE Area VP: Rob Maddox, Lincoln NE
Secretary: Scott Stolze, Emerson-Hubbard
South Central Area VP: Daron Wohlgemuth, Holdrege
Western Area VP: Harris Grunden, Medicine Valley


1987-1988 State Officer Team

President: Dana Soukup, Spencer
Central Area VP: Shane Belohrad, Leigh
NE Area VP: Greg Hoegermeyer, Logan View
North Central Area VP: Susan Smydra Krotz, St. Paul
Reporter: Bill Smith, Ashland-Greenwood
SE Area VP: Lisa Nygren-Taylor, Mead
Secretary: Brian Thompson Dunning, Sandhills
South Central Area VP: Jud Jesske, Blue Hill
Western Area VP: Scott Aden, Gothenburg


1988-1989 State Officer Team

President: Julie Classen Ochsner, Blue Hill
Central Area VP: Barb Buresh Bonifas, North Bend
NE Area VP: Donelle Johnson, Lyons-Decatur NE
North Central Area VP: Debbie Hostert Hoge, Butte
Reporter: Tracy Rieckman Popp, Waverly
SE Area VP: Gary Todd, Conestoga
Secretary: Eric Thurber, Norris
South Central Area VP: Blake Johnson, Holdrege
Western Area VP: Nancy Kelly Maier, Imperial


1989-1990 State Officer Team

President: Jill Lorenz Goodrich, Crete
Central Area VP: Matt Wilshusen, Schuyler
NE Area VP: Korey Young, Creighton
North Central Area VP: Christy Thompson Hafer, Sandhills (Dunning)
Reporter: Chris Lesiak, Fullerton
SE Area VP: Darin Zimmerman, Tri County
Secretary: John Goertzen, Bradshaw(Henderson)
South Central Area VP: Dale Hafer, Seward
Western Area VP: Marc Groff, Imperial

1970's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

1970-1971 State Officer Team

President: Stan Walker, Scottsbluff
Central Area Chair: Bob Peterson, Loup County
Central Area VP: Arlen Gangwish, Wood River
NE Area Chair: Van Bonnesen, Verdigre
NE Area VP: Fred Meyer, West Point
SE Area Chair: Steve Schmit, David City
SE Area VP: Ron Anderson, Waverly
Secretary: Charles Martin, Lexington
Western Area Chair: Dick Helms, Holbrook
Western Area VP: Mike England, North Platte


1971-1972 State Officer Team

President: Edward Dubas, Fullerton
Central Area Chair:Bryce Anderson, Wilcox
Central Area VP: Jim Christensen, St. Paul
NE Area Chair: Howard Witte, Scribner
NE Area VP: Richard Katt, Logan View
SE Area Chair: Merle Holling, Omaha Burke
SE Area VP: Brad Minchow, Waverly
Secretary: Norman Andrews, Holbrook
Western Area Chair: Jerry Cunningham, Bridgeport
Western Area VP: Jack Kurkowski, Grant


1972-1973 State Officer Team

President: Larry Rasmussen, Mead
Central Area Chair: John McHargue, Central City
Central Area Chair: Daniel Davis, Wood River
NE Area Chair: Gene Sedivy, Verdigre
NE Area VP: Richard Herink, Leigh
SE Area Chair: Jim Mager, Wilber-Clatonia
SE Area VP: Charles Herbster, Falls City
Secretary: Michael Jacobson, Sutton
Western Area VP: Donald Softley, Grant
Western Area VP: Dennis Andrews, Holbrook


1973-1974 State Officer Team

President: Don Swanson, Arnold
S.E. Area Chair: Ken Neff
Central Area Chair: Maynard Schriner, Wilcox
Central Area VP: Joe Strickland, Red Cloud
NE Area Chair: Brian Schellpeper, Stanton
NE Area VP: Bill Zobel, Creighton
SE Area VP: Joseph McAuliffe, Omaha South
Secretary: Richard Perry, Kimball
Western Area Chair: John McKenzie, Elwood
Western Area VP: Jerry Kuenning, Imperial


1974-1975 State Officer Team

President: Jon C. Propst, Seward
Central Area Chair: Alan Britton, Loup County
Central Area VP: Kay Christensen Meyer, St. Paul
NE Area Chair: Donald Witte, Scibner
NE Area VP: Byron H. Bakenhus, Leigh
SE Area Chair: Alan Svoboda, East Butler
SE Area VP: Michael J. Tvrdy, Waverly
Secretary: Fred J. Dubs, St. Edward
Western Area Chair: Dale Grosbach, Imperial
Western Area VP: Steven Henry, Holbrook


1975-1976 State Officer Team

President: Steve Kampfe, Gothenburg
Central Area Chair: Norman Krug, Central City
Central Area VP: Tom Sonderup, Fullerton
NE Area Chair: Mike Foley, Blair
NE Area VP: Russ Herink, Leigh
SE Area Chair: Mark Nelson, Omaha Burke
SE Area VP: Max Miller, Geneva
Secretary: Mark Holoubek, Clarkson
Western Area Chair: David Hanna, Wauneta-Palisade
Western Area VP: Scott Stoll, Elwood


1976-1977 State Officer Team

President: Daniel R. Ripa, Wilber-Clatonia
Central Area Chair: Greg Greving, Central City
Central Area VP: Mark Sonderup, Fullerton
NE Area Chair: Paul Sedlacek, Spencer
NE Area VP: Jon Katt, Logan View
SE Area Chair: Mark Knobel, Fairbury
SE Area Chair: Steve Ewalt, Geneva
Secretary: Kenneth A. Smeda, Loup City
Western Area VP: Scott Mahaffey, Kimball


1977-1978 State Officer Team

President: Paul Canady, Bloomfield
Central Area Chair: Vernon Olson, Genoa
Central Area VP: Dann Watson, Red Cloud
NE Area Chair: Richard Davis, West Holt
NE Area VP: Tim Pofahl, Ewing
Se Area Chair: Daniel Huffman, Omaha
SE Area VP: Donald Kracke, Wilber-Clatonia
Secretary: Mark Hilkemann, Pierce
Western Area Chair: Keri Votruba, Hemingford
Western Area VP: Tom Brewer, Gordon


1978-1979 State Officer Team

President: Mark A. Poeschl, Mead
Central Area VP: Bryce Ritz, Ord
Central Area VP: Kevin Davis, Wood River
NE Area Chair: Jay Schroeder, West Point
NE Area VP: Daniel Wedekind, Newman Grove
SE Area Chair: Jim Nemec, East Butler
SE Area VP: Tony Tvrdy, Waverly
Secretary: Jill M. Beckman-Kill, Elgin
Western Area Chair: Mark Lee Stencel, Medicine Valley
Western Area VP: Kendall Henderson, Kimball Co. (Bushnell)


1979-1980 State Officer Team

President: Larry Svehla, Clarkson
Central Area Chair: Charles Watts, Ansley
Central Area VP: Greg Choquette, Franklin
NE Area Chair: Jeff Gotschall, Atkinson West Holt
NE Area VP: Dean Wedekind, Newman Grove
SE Area Chair: Dave Fricke, Omaha Bryan
SE Area VP: Steve Althouse, Waverly
Secretary: Jeff Kalkowski, Rock County (Bassett)
Western Area Chair: Robert Snyder, Kimball
Western Area VP: Loran Wach, Hays Center

1960's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

1960-1961 State Officer Team

President: Howard Licht, Hooper
Reporter: Lawrence Turner, Valentine
Secretary: Galen Frenzen, Fullerton
Treasurer: Jack Welch, Verdigre
Vice President: Gary Kuhlmann, North Platte


1961-1962 State Officer Team

President: Dennis Swanstrom, Waverly
Reporter: Jack Underwood, Exeter
Secretary: Merlin Prior, Imperial
Treasurer: Dale Kinnan, Cozad
Vice President: Glenn Luedke, Wisner


1962-1963 State Officer Team

President: Lane Tederman, Gothenburg
Reporter: Daniel Peterson, Holdrege
Secretary: David Knaak, Pierce
Treasurer: Lyle Nielson, Creighton
Vice President: LeRoy Asher, Litchfield


1963-1964 State Officer Team

President: Eddie Heilman, Cambridge
Central Area Chair: Warren Sanger, Franklin
Central Area VP: Gary Wahlgren, Gothenburg
NE Area Chair: Robert Milligan, Hooper
NE Area VP: Kenneth Schoch, Pender
SE Area Chair: Sonny Brown, York
SE Area VP: Larry Hudkins, Waverly
Secretary: Douglas Kuhn, Columbus
Western Area Chair: Jay Dee Fox, Harrison
Western Area VP: Dewey Knuth, Oxford


1964-1965 State Officer Team

President: Ivan Bartling, Hooper
Central Area Chair: Dennis Eggleston, Ansley
Central Area VP: Jim Eilts, Central City
NE Area Chair: Jim Viglicky, Schuyler
NE Area VP: Wayne Rasmussen, Plainview
SE Area Chair: Ed Baltensperger, Nebraska City
SE Area VP: Dwayne Sickman, Waverly
Secretary: Larry Svajgr, Diller
Wester Area Chair: Bill Skavdahl, Harrison
Western Area VP: Dwight Young, Kimball


1965-1966 State Officer Team

President: Lawrence Kuhlman, North Platte
Central Area Chair: Morris Mills, Broken Bow
Central Area VP: Randy Gustafson, Aurora
NE Area Chair: Randy Moeller, Pender
NE Area VP: Dan Davis, Bassett
SE Area Chair: Vic Bohuslavsky, David City
SE Area VP: John Wirth, Nebraska City
Secretary: Kenneth Nagel, Waverly
Western Area Chairman: Don Merlo, Oshkosh
Western Area VP: Larry Fuchser, Gordon


1966-1967 State Officer Team

President: Jack Nemec, Pawnee City
Central Area Chair: James Reeder, Shelton
Central Area VP: Larry Holbein, Lexington
NE Area Chair: Jerry Leach, Ainsworth
NE Area VP: Allen Sedivy, Verdigre
SE Area Chair: Larry Kubicek, Wilber
SE Area VP: Dale Malone, Waverly
Secretary: Stan Kracl, Schuyler
Western Area Chair: Richard Scott, Mitchell
Western Area VP: Milt Kennedy, Kimball


1967-1968 State Officer Team

President: Dean Pike, Ainsworth
Central Area Chair: Danny Morgan, Taylor
Central Area VP: Ed Eggleston, Ansley
NE Area Chair: Van Volk, Battle Creek
NE Area VP: Randy Wagner, Norfolk
Se Area Chair: Gerald Wirth, Nebraska City
SE Area VP: Dennis Mottl, Omaha
Secretary: Robert Eilts, Central City
Western Area Chair: John Mann, Harrison
Western Area VP: Ronald Diffendaffer, Scottsbluff


1968-1969 State Officer Team

President: Andrew Jensen, Aurora
Central Area Chair: Bob Sindt, Franklin
Central Area VP: Larry White, Lexington
NE Area Chair: Bob Emanuel, North Bend
NE Area VP: Gary Leach, Ainsworth
SE Area Chair: Arnold Oltmans, Filley
SE Area VP: Curt Carlson, Waverly
Secretary: Rogene Bonnesen, Verdigre
Western Area Chair: Gene Hastings, Rushville


1969-1970 State Officer Team

President: Philip Johnson, Mead
Central Area Chair: Bruce Trautman, Sutton
Central Area VP: Floyd Slagle, Sargent
NE Area Chair: Steve Williams, Ainsworth
NE Area VP: Wayne Rasmussen, Allen
SE Area Chair: Dana Siekman, Waverly
SE Area VP: Gary Traeger, Fairbury
Secretary: Jerry Zitterkopf, Lyman
Western Area Chair: Mark Malmkar, Imperial
Western Area VP: Dave Rasmussen, North Platte

1950's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

1950-1951 State Officer Team

President: Junior Knobel, Fairbury
Reporter: Milton Johnson, Chappell
Secretary: Roger Bell, Waverly
Treasurer: Harry Serres, Harrison
Vice President: Dean Beezley, Kearney


1951-1952 State Officer Team

President: Gene Kerr, Columbus
Reporter: Allen Schreiner, Nebraska City
Secretary: Ted Ward, Auburn
Secretary: Dale Thompson, Franklin
Treasurer: Calvin Lemmon, Crawford
Vice President: Merwyn Davidson, Lincoln


1952-1953 State Officer Team

President: Donald Geisler, Lyons
Reporter: Leo Meister, David City
Secretary: Allen Trenkle, Hay Springs
Treasurer: John Olson, Broken Bow
Vice President: Dean Lindstrom, Holdrege


1953-1954 State Officer Team

President: Arley Waldo, Tri County
Reporter: Gale Horne, Broken Bow
Secretary: Roger Standage, Ravenna
Treasurer: Donald Althouse, Waverly
Vice President: Don Beck, Fremont


1954-1955 State Officer Team

President: Charles Trumble, Papillion
Reporter: Don Blackstone, Superior
Secretary: Dale Hebbert, Gordon
Treasurer: Duane Rexroth, Humboldt
Vice President: Burton Knudsen, Ogallala


1955-1956 State Officer Team

President: Don Herman, Wilber
Reporter: Don Knouss, Cozad
Secretary: Pat Donlan, Eagle
Treasurer: Lloyd Tabes, Kearney
Vice President: Larry Moody, Auburn


1956-1957 State Officer Team

President: Kenneth Serres, Harrison
Reporter: Gary Trego, Sutherland
Secretary: Harold Johnson, Elkhorn
Treasurer: Norman Husa, Barneston
Vice President: Lelean Settgast, Columbus


1957-1958 State Officer Team

President: Roger Doane, Ansley
Reporter: Marvin Schultis, Fairbury
Secretary: Roger Watke, Columbus
Treasurer: Gary Vencill, North Platte
Vice President: Dale Linsenmeyer, Beatrice


1958-1959 State Officer Team

President: Arden Uhlir, Verdigre
Reporter: Donald Vannatta, Hay Springs
Secretary: Archie Holoubeck, Kearney
Treasurer: James Greer, Waverly
Vice President: Robert Marshall, Cozad


1959-1960 State Officer Team

President: Larry Hammond, Litchfield
Reporter: Jack Eberhart, Kearney
Secretary: Ronald Kennedy, Kimball
Treasurer: Ralph Grotelueschen, Columbus
Vice President: Roger Wilshusen, Schuyler

1940's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

1940-1941 State Officer Team

President: Jerome Wirth, Nebraska City
Reporter: Duane Munter, Randolph
Secretary: Willard Visek, Sargent
Treasurer: Roger Clark, Gothenburg
Vice President: Robert Schmaltz, Central City


1941-1942 State Officer Team

President: Bob Osler, Imperial
Reporter: Milford Johnson, Mead
Secretary: Karl Linke, Bassett
Treasurer: Rolf Lux, Crawford
Vice President: Farris Hubbert, Kearney


1942-1943 State Officer Team

President: Paul Hofmann, Sutton
Reporter: Willard Berta, Verdigre
Secretary: Duane Foote, Albion
Treasurer: Eldon Hallock, Burwell
Vice President: Jesse Nemechek, Humboldt


1943-1944 State Officer Team

President: Paul Hammer, Waverly
Reporter: Dale Link, Ravenna
Secretary: Merlin Hansen, Neligh
Treasurer: Max France, Gothenburg
Vice President: Howard Vogel, Nebraska City


1944-1945 State Officer Team

President: Bob Beck, Fremont
Reporter: Emil Beranek, Pawnee City
Secretary: Duane Sellin, Norfolk
Treasurer: Leland Johnson, Fairbury
Vice President: Harold Ray, Hays Springs


1945-1946 State Officer Team

President: Lowell Reyer, Columbus
Reporter: Jerry Johnson, Red Cloud
Secretary: Robert Raun, Blue Hill
Treasurer: Richard Peterson, Neligh
Vice President: Paul Quackenbush, Tri County


1946-1947 State Officer Team

President: James Lutes, Hebron
Reporter: Leon Rathke, Wisner
Secretary: Don Knobel, Norfolk
Treasurer: Bill Sauder, Chappell
Vice President: Franklin Lothrop, Crete


1947-1948 State Officer Team

President: Herald Loseke, Columbus
Reporter: Howard Claassen, Beatrice
Secretary: Gus Bremer, Stanton
Treasurer: Harvey Hofman, McCook
Vice President: Clinton Hoover, Seward


1948-1949 State Officer Team

President: Dick Sauder, Chappell
Reporter: Lawrence Collins, St. Edward
Secretary: Art Becker, Albion
Treasurer: Hubert Spanel, Sargent
Vice President: Kenneth Lux, Lincoln


1949-1950 State Officer Team

President: Bob Vasey, Cozad
Reporter: Rodney Harvey, Wauneta
Secretary: Don Murray Hays, Springs
Treasurer: Vernon Reinertson, Ravenna
Vice President: Gelbert Horn, Broken Bow

1930's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

1930-1931 Officer Team

President: John Martin, Waverly
Reporter: Leslie Tjaden, Hastings
Secretary: Harold Von Riesen, Beatrice
Vice President: Eugene Henderson, Kearney


1931-1932 Officer Team

President: Mervin Aegerter, Seward
Reporter: Richard Larson, Newman Grove
Secretary: Richard Jackson, Waverly
Treasurer: Raymond Cruise, Sidney
Vice President: Merlin Atwater, Albion


1932-1933 Officer Team

President: Charles Barnhart, Ord
Reporter: Everitt Mann, Waverly
Secretary: Arell Wasson, Wilcox
Treasurer: Junior Murphy, Harrison
Vice President: James Larson


1933-1934 Officer Team

President: Wallace Thorson, Mead pictured
Reporter: Francis Berggren, Sidney
Secretary: Edward Ksiazek, Fullerton
Treasurer: William Scheve, Beatrice
Vice President: Morrison Loewenstein, Kearney


1934-1935 Officer Team

President: Clare Glandon, Wilcox
Reporter: Melvin Glantz, Kearney
Secretary: Kenneth Christensen, Minden
Treasurer: Donald Crosier, St. Edward
Vice President: Clyde Lyon, Seward


1935-1936 Officer Team

President: Dennis Clark, Stapleton
Reporter: Lesley Meyers, Seward
Secretary: Francis Kruzberg, Beatrice
Treasurer: Emmitt Wink, Kearney
Vice President: Edwin Rousek, Sargent


1936-1937 Officer Team

President: Marvin Kruse, Albion
Reporter: Leno Christensen, Gandy
Secretary: Kenneth Swanson, St. Edward
Treasurer: Dale Fleischman, Palmyra
Vice President: Dale Marshal, Pawnee City


1937-1938 Officer Team

President: William Hartnell, Tekamah
Reporter: Leo Tupper, Blue Hill
Secretary: Floyd Hansmire, Fairbury
Treasurer: Wayne Fosler, Seward
Vice President: Frank Munn, Waverly


1938-1939 Officer Team

President: Wayne Judd, Stratton
Reporter: Dan Atkinson, Pawnee City
Secretary: Reed Pulliam, Sargent
Treasurer: Jack Dalton, Grant
Vice President: Clifford Zuroske, Fullerton


1939-1940 Officer Team

President: Robert McClurken, Shelton
Secretary: Willard Miers, Seward
Treasurer: Charles Curtis, Loup City
Vice President: Norman Schroeder, Scribner

1920's Nebraska FFA State Officer Teams

1928-1929 State Officer Team

President: Alvin Reimer, Beatrice pictured
Secretary: Andrew Walbert, Eagle


1929-1930 State Officer Team

President: Justin Hearne, Kearney
Reporter: Waldo Penner, Beatrice
Secretary: Irving Walker, Waverly
Treasurer: Francis Dunn, Kearney
Vice President: Elmer Davidson, Minden

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