Nebraska Agricultural Educators Association

The Nebraska Agricultural Educators Association…the professional choice! The NAEA is the state affiliate of the National Association of Agricultural Educators, or the NAAE. Professional development, lobbying support, social networking, and field advancement are all benefits provided by the NAEA to its members.

With one member elected to serve each district, the Nebraska Agricultural Educators Association (NAEA) Board is here to serve its members. Professional development is key to the NAEA, in addition to maintaining quality agricultural education programs in Nebraska. Contact an executive team member or your district chair with questions, concerns, or ideas!

NAEA Board of Directors

Apply for Awards

Honor yourself or nominate others….it’s just that simple! The short form of the NAEA Award Application makes applying for awards quick and easy! Contact Craig Flaming, Awards Chair, for more information.

 Mail Award Applications/Materials to:

Craig Flaming, NAEA Past President
Randolph Public School
207 N. Pierce St., Box 755
Randolph, NE 68771
[email protected]

Award Forms and Applications



Agricultural educators who had formed state associations for agricultural educators organized the National Vocational Agricultural Teachers’ Association (NVATA) in 1948 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1997 at the annual NVATA convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, the name of the organization was changed to the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE).

The NAAE is a federation of 50 state agricultural educators associations.
The governing body of the organization consists of:

  • A board of directors with a president
  • President elect
  • Six regional vice presidents.

Today, more than 7,600 agricultural educators are members of the NAAE.


“Professionals providing agricultural education for the global community through visionary leadership, advocacy and service.”
NAAE seeks to:

  • Advance agricultural education
  • Promote the professional interests and growth of agriculture teachers
  • Recruit and prepare students who have a desire to teach agriculture.

The organization is dedicated to:

  • Developing professional pride
  • Nourishing a spirit of unity among classroom teachers
  • Recognizing members for conducting outstanding programs.

It monitors governmental affairs affecting agricultural education and assists in the development of priorities and strategies to effect federal legislation and appropriations (from NAAE website).


The basic purposes of the Nebraska Agricultural Educators Association is to provide professional support for the everyday agricultural educator! Specifically, NAEA purposes, as defined by the NAEA Bylaws, are:

  • To assume and maintain an active leadership in the promotion and furtherance of Agricultural Education,
  • To bring together all of the agricultural instructors through membership in a state association devoted exclusively to their interests,
  • To provide an opportunity for agricultural instructors to discuss all problems effecting Agricultural Education on the state level,
  • To serve local Associations of agricultural instructors in the solution of any problems, which they may have,
  • To cooperate with the National Association of Agricultural Educators, Inc. (NAAE), the Association for Career and Technical Education of Nebraska (ACTEN) and the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) in furthering the cause of all Vocational Education,
  • To communicate and cooperate with those organizations and individuals having as their objective the improvement of the status of the Agricultural Education Instructors and to enlist their aid in the furtherance of these purposes,
  • To inform by publication of the needs in the field of Agricultural Education and the possibilities of progress to be made therein,
  • To receive property by devise or bequest, and otherwise acquire and hold all types of property,
  • To act as trustee under incidental to the principal objects of the corporation, and to receive, hold and administer and expand funds and property subject to such trust,
  • To convey, exchange, lease mortgage, encumber and transfer upon trust, or otherwise dispose of all property, real of personal,
  • To borrow money, contract debts and issue bonds and votes, and secure payment of performance of its obligations, and,
  • To make contracts and to do all other acts necessary or expedient for the administration of the affairs and attainment of the purposes of the corporation.
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