Proficiency Awards

Proficiency Awards recognize the development of technical knowledge and skills that students develop through their Supervised Agricultural Experience programs. Based on calendar years of SAE documentation, students may begin applying for this award program with records in 2 calendar years through the first year after high school graduation.

Proficiency Information and Guidelines

  • National FFA Summary of 23-24 Proficiency Award Application Updates
  • 7th and 8th Grade SAE Records and Award Applications Clarifications
  • Ensure that the application is in the right area. Carefully read the National Proficiency areas and the Nebraska only areas.
  • Applications CANNOT move areas at the state level review in February. If the application is in an incorrect area, it will not advance to be a State Finalist, nor will it have the chance to move to the correct area. Applications will be evaluated in the area in which they were submitted, which may mean disqualification or “no score”.
  • All Proficiency Applications must be completed online using the AET.
  • Nebraska Only Areas are eligible for local, district and state recognition – they are not eligible to compete for national awards.
National FFA Proficiency Areas
Nebraska Only Proficiency Areas Updated 9/2023


Nebraska Proficiency Application and Rubric

At the state level, Nebraska FFA will only accept applications with records in 2 calendar years (adopted July 2023). The application used is the National FFA Application and uses the National FFA Rubric.

The National FFA rubrics are used. The rubric is to be printed one per evaluator to use as a reference. Student scoresheets summarize the rubric information to reduce the number of sheets printed. Print one student scoresheet per application to score and feedback.

Combined Rubric
Entrepreneurship Rubric
Placement Rubric
Research Rubric   
Combined Student Scoresheet
Entrepreneurship Student Scoresheet
Placement Student Scoresheet
Research Student Scoresheet
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