Proficiency Awards

Proficiency Awards recognize the development of technical knowledge and skills that students develop through their Supervised Agricultural Experience programs. Based on a calendar year of SAE documentation, students may begin applying for this award program during their freshman year through one year after graduation.

Proficiency Information and Guidelines

  • Ensure that the application is in the right area. Carefully read the National Proficiency areas and the Nebraska only areas.
  • Applications CANNOT move areas at the state level review in February. If the application is in an incorrect area, it will not advance to be a State Finalist, nor will it have the chance to move to the correct area. Applications will be evaluated in the area in which they were submitted, which may mean disqualification or “no score”.
  • All Proficiency Applications must be completed online using the AET.
  • Nebraska Only Areas are eligible for local, district and state recognition – they are not eligible to compete for national awards.
National FFA Proficiency Areas
Nebraska Only Proficiency Areas

Nebraska FFA has two proficiency applications. The National FFA application, which was used last year, is required to be completed and submitted for state finalist consideration. The application must have zero “not-mets”, including records from 2 calendar years. The new shorter AET state level applications will not advance to state finals. Advisors and students must read the following information carefully

The two versions of the application will not “compete” or be evaluated against each other. It is important to note that each district is still eligible to submit only 3 applications per area, regardless of the application type. If a proficiency area does not have a state finalist from the Nebraska 2023 Proficiency (Finalists Eligible) applications, it will not be allowed to move a Nebraska 2023 Non-finalist Short Proficiency Application for consideration as a state finalist. In that case, the area would not have any state finalists.

Proficiency Informational Slides

Nebraska 2023 Proficiency (Finalists Eligible)

This is the National FFA Application and uses the National FFA Rubric. This application is required for students who want to be considered as state finalists in any proficiency area (including the 5 Nebraska Only Areas). Records from two calendar years are required.
The evaluators guide and rubrics match the National FFA rubric. The evaluator guide is to be printed one per evaluator to use as a reference. Print one rubric per application for score and feedback.

Combined Evaluator
Entrepreneurship Evaluator Guide
Placement Evaluator Guide
Research Evaluator Guide
Research Rubric

Nebraska 2023 AET State Level Proficiency (Non-Finalists Eligible)

This is the new, shorter proficiency version and uses the AET Rubric linked below. Student using this application will not be eligible for state final interviews, they are eligible for bronze, silver and gold rating at the state level. There is no minimum record book year requirement. This application can be used in any proficiency area (including the 5 Nebraska Only Areas).

Combined AET
Non-Finalist Rubric
Ent. AET
Non-Finalist Rubric
Placement AET
Non-Finalist Rubric
Research AET
Non-Finalist Rubric
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