Proficiency Awards recognize the development of technical knowledge and skills that students develop through their Supervised Agricultural Experience programs.  Based on a calendar year of SAE documentation, students may begin applying for this award program during their freshman year through one year after graduation.  Student applications compete in over 50 categories at the chapter, district, state and national levels.  See the Policies and Procedures Manual for full eligibility and program details.

All Proficiency Applications must be completed online using the AET.  Visit National FFA’s Proficiency Award Page for more information, and see the 2021-22 National FFA Proficiency Award Area Descriptions.

Ensure that the app is in the right area. Read the Nebraska only areas and the National areas. Nebraska Only Areas are here. At the state proficiency review in Kearney on February 26, applications will be evaluated in the proficiency area in which it was submitted. Apps CANNOT move areas at the state review level in Kearney February 26. If the app is in an incorrect area, it will not advance to be a State Finalist, nor will it have the chance to move to the correct area. Ensure that the app is in the correct area before it advances to the Kearney review. They will be evaluated in the area in which they were submitted, which may mean disqualification or “no score”.

Resource: Degrees and Applications Best Practices Document

Proficiency applications are required to be submitted through AET. This document outlines the process for Submitting Applications in AET